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About the Museum of Forgery

Antoinette LaFarge, founder and director

The Museum of Forgery is a virtual institute dedicated to promoting an appreciation of the aesthetics of forgery. The museum finds the assignations of value to artworks that depend on authorship puzzling at best, disingenuous at worst. Forgery outs some of the strategies through which the art world lies to itself, and never more so than today, when price has come to partner with authorship in stripping out all other values attributable to a work of art. The museum considers forgery perhaps the only authentic form of art left, since it adheres directly and conscientiously to the subtext of art rather than to the surface thematics.

The Museum's ongoing programs include:

Projects showcasing some of the museum's key activities are linked from the home page. Most of these were commissioned by the museum between 1992 and 1995. The museum is currently in a dormant phase but will consider commissions for forgeries in line with its stated interests and suggestions for future projects. You can contact us at the address shown at left.

"Here you'll find heady homages to Josef Albers and a "posthumous" piece by the granddaddy of art cons, Marcel Duchamp. A do-it-yourself forgery section treats pilfering ideas as a wholesome arts and crafts project. When you're finished with that, learn how to use art as a mulch alternative, or throw it on the barbie for one helluva meaty steak: It'll keep you busy for hours." —WebMagazine (1996)