Here you can find readings about the museum and special projects of the cyborgesian librarians.


Marcel Duchamp and the Museum of Forgery (2002)
an article by MOF founder Antoinette LaFarge in Tout-Fait that discusses the museum's mandate in great detail, touching on originality and authenticity, signature art, excessioning, Borges, and of course Duchamp.

The Looting Gallery (1998)
an article on the museum by Katherine Nelson.

A New Lexicon of Forgery (ongoing)
a glossary that revises the terminology of forgery from the museum's unique point of view.


Conversations (2003)
en exhibition in which the museum participated, showing a selection of projects.

Bataille's Eye (1997)
a book published by ICI Press with a section devoted to the museum; out of print.

The Timeline Project (ongoing)
a preliminary attempt to construct a timeline of changing ideas and practices related to forgery.