DIY forgery stamp

This translation of a little-known poem by Guillaume Apollinaire has been identified as a probable source for the Ako Joop artwork entitled "The Labyrinth of the World and the Paradise of the Heart." The Museum of Forgery has, however, been unable to confirm this through the estate of the late Ako Joop.



Guillaume Apollinaire
1913 (?)

In newspaper and breath
A terror will be found
More contagious than any yet known.
No smoke without oil,
No cruelty without news.
. . .
Your coal arrives from the back of time,
Blue-collar diamond,
Prison of fire.
When the universe requires substitutes
It calls for clay.
. . .
This is the time of consequences,
Of dry wings and iron nests.
Dance with the monster
in the labyrinth of the world
and the paradise of the heart.