Junkshop stamp

MOF JunkShop

Tired of all those Impressionist filters and crayon effects?

You need JunkShop ™, an indispensible set of plug-ins from the Museum of Forgery. With JunkShop, you have access to a whole new spectrum of Fine Art filters for all your image-retouching needs. Your body of artwork need no longer suffer from the same old reductive surgery you get at all the other pixel shops. Skip the adolescent fractals and go straight for exegetic profundity with JunkShop's "Proustify" filter... or any others in the Museum's proprietary "Disembodiment" line.

Three of JunkShop's original filters dating to 1994 are demonstrated here, using the low-rez snapshot shown above as the base for all three.

PROUSTIFY: The "Proustify" filter turns any image into a page from Marcel Proust's monumental novel Remembrance of Things Past, while subordinating the color scheme to textual dynamics.

HOKUSAIZE: The "Hokusaize" filter turns any image into a harmonious abstract image based on the compositions of the master Japanese printmaker Hokusai.

E-Z NOSTALGIA: The popular "E-Z Nostalgia" filter makes any image look like an old, beaten-up, dog-eared snapshot. Features include carefully calculated loss of contrast and color information, as well as optional dust, scratches, creases, tape marks, and thumbtack holes.

Note: We are sorry to announce that since we introduced the "E-Z Nostalgia" filter idea back in 1994, it has been picked up by pretty much every pixel-pushing shop on planet Earth. Consequently we will no longer make it available through the museum.