Collected here are fiction, poetry, graphic novels, interviews, and miscellaneous other writing, often experimental. For my essays go to this page. In my spare time, I am Wikipedia editor, focusing mainly on writing entries related to the history of women in the arts and technology. My Wikipedia user page has a list of articles I've worked on.


"The Multimedia Artist: One Million Ways to Show a Tree"

2013. Interview by Rocelyn Gallito.

"Interview with Antoinette LaFarge and Robert Nideffer"

2009. By Nate Harrison, done in conjunction with the the Scalable Relations exhibition. The interview is published in the exhibition catalog (available through, and is also published on the gallery website.

"A Meditation on Virtual Kinesthesia"

2007. Dialogue with Robert Allen in Extensions: The Online Journal of Embodiment and Techology

"25 Thesen über die Kunst der Netzwelten"

2004. Translation of "25 Propositions on the Art of Networlds" (2002), in Die Anthologie der Kunst, DuMont Verlag, Cologne, Germany. English-language version (pdf).

"Lament of the Repubocracy"

January 2004. Performance video with accompanying introduction in web publication Horizon Zero, Issue 13: Perform, published by Banff New Media Institute.

"The Blurring Between Reality and Fiction"

2003. By Stephanie Sides. Interview originally published on the website of the California Institute for Telecommunications and Internet Technology. Now archived here.

"25 Propositions on the Art of Networlds"

March 2002. Response to the question "What is your vision of a yet unknown art?" Included by invitation in The Anthology of Art, ed. Jochen Gerz, publ. on the web by Braunschweig School of Art. "Networlds resist ownership but require stewardship.". Download (pdf).


2003. By Bruce Wands, published in Digital Creativity: Techniques for Digital Media and the Internet (New York: Wiley, 2002).

"A Lost Encyclical on Anti-Semitism"

1996. Book review in Gnosis, Spring 1999.


1996. Epic poem for "blast5drama", published as part of that project's web site. New York: X-Art Foundation.

"Tidal Wavelengths"

1995. Catalog essay in Erwin Redl, Parallel Doubt on the Distinction Between Truth and Beauty. Published in Germany.

"The Cake of the Desert"

1995. Graphic novel. New York: Haifisch Press. More on this project.


May 1994. Lexical fiction, published in Wired 2.04. Download (pdf)