May 20 and Sept. 9, 2009. I took part as an online performer and graffiti artist in this cyberformance work by Marlena Corcoran that was inspired in part by the emergency landing of a jetliner in the Hudson River in January 2009. The May performance (screen cap at far left) was sponsored by the Fondazione Querini Stampalia, Venice. The September performance (screen cap at left) was part of the "UpStage 090909" festival of online performance; it was viewable both by web broswer and at various venues, including Norsk Telemuseum (Oslo), Eclectic Tech Carnival (Istanbul), Muffatwerk Cafe (Munich); and MAD art center (Eindhoven, Netherlands). Both performances took place on UpStage in the "Salvation" cyberstage.

How Much Taboo Does Art Need?

2008. In May, I and my students participated as contributors to the Wieviel Tabu braucht die Kunst?" project organized by Ursula Endlicher, Ela Kagel, and Anke Zimmermann in Zurich, Switzerland. We had a live video/voice connection to the event as the "Universal Translation Service" whose motto was: "Our goal is perfection. We translate all languages with 100 percent accuracy, guaranteed." However, the real mission of the "Universal Translation Service," which featured a running commentary on the performance in Korean, Thai, German, French, and English, was to explore those pleasures of translation that exist once the notion of accuracy has been jettisoned.


August 2008. I participated in the UpStage 080808 festival of online performance, premiering a new project entitled Noxiterra that incorporates a synthetic biome-based world as a performance environment. The piece was improvised live on the web over the course of two days, and one segment was simultaneously projected in the ZKMax Gallery, Munich.

Water Under the Bridge

August 2008. I took part in this piece by Marlena Corcoran as an online performer. It was included in the 080808 UpStage Festival, and projected simultaneously in the ZKMax Gallery, Munich.

Manual of Lost Ideas website

2007. An interactive version of a manuscript that originally appeared in the book Benjamin's Blind Spot (2001). The interactive version was published in the online journal Other Voices, issue 3.1 (May 2007). As the introduction notes, "This site offers an overview of what is presently known about the Manual, together with a sample of pages from the manuscript, including a number that have never been made public before.... [in the hope] that this will help facilitate further research on the Manual. Visit the project.

An Internet Performance for the Third Millennium: Birth of the Christ Child

Dec. 1999. Online performer-writer in cyberperformance by Marlena Corcoran sponsored by the Literaturhaus M√ľnchen, Munich, Germany, in honor of the millennium. The transcript of this performance was subsequently published in Performance Art Journal (2003).

Without 1997

1997. A piece of net art commissioned by Creative Time (NY) for the Day Without Art (Dec. 1, now better known as International AIDS Day). It was a deliberate parody of banner ads, which were then just becoming ubiquitous. See the project.

Silent Orpheus

Dec. 1, 1997. A Plaintext Players cyberperformance based on the Orpheus myth, presented for the International Day Without Art at the 55 Broad St. Video Wall, New York.More information.

Orpheus: I Am the Music

July 1997. A cyberperformance based on the Orpheus myth. Presented at documenta X (Kassel, Germany) through Club Media. More information.

The White Whale

June 1997. A series of cyberperformances about a white whale in the Mediterranean presented at the Venice Biennale, Italy, through Club Media. More information.


1996-97. A collective limted-edition publication and net art project that was initiated by the X-Art Foundation under the direction of Jordan Crandall. More information.

Art Dirt

1996. New York-based web radio show on which I broadcast a radio play, with follow-up interview.

The Candide Campaign

Oct.-Nov. 1996. A series of cyberperformances presented at Postmasters Gallery, New York, as part of the "Password Ferdydurke" exhibition. More information.

Gutter City

Nov. 1995. A series of cyberperformances with a Civil War theme that took place as part of the New York Digital Salon. More information.


Sept.-Oct. 1995. A series of cyberperformances as part of the "Blast 4: Bioinformatica" show at the Xavier Lopez Gallery, London. More information.

I Object

1995. A collection of about dozen text-art works with peculiar proverbs that were derived from a performance in the "Christmas" series. View the project.


1994-95. A series of cyberperformances as part of the "Blast 4: Bioinformatica" show at the Sandra Gering Gallery, New York, March-Dec. 1994. A special extra performance in this series was presented at the European Media Arts Festival, Sept. 1995. More information.

The Plaintext Players

Founded 1994. A pioneering group of cyberperformers who have been creating live online improvisations since the inception of the web. As the group's founder and artistic director, I direct many of their unique performances, which generally take the form of textual improvisations based on written scenarios. One of the longest-running groups of cyberperformers, the Players have recently been involved in creating mixed-reality works that merge cyberspace and realspace in various ways. More about the Plaintext Players.